Nicks Christmas giveaway!!!
So I recently got a new desktop and I figured instead of letting my old laptop collect dust in the corner, why not have a giveaway!! I added a few more things in there as sort of a Christmas present type thing cause who doesn’t love presents
What you’ll get if you aren’t following me:
MacBook Air 13.3” Laptop
What you’ll get if you are following me:
MacBook Air 13.3” Laptop
Wireless Imouse
Wireless keyboard
Laptop case of your choice! (Under $50)
$25-$35 Ebay Giftcard
No giveaway blogs
You can Like and Reblog once as 2 entrys (Since Tumblr only counts it once any way)
Must be comfortable with giving me your address/po box
Will ship worldwide
There will only be one winner (Sorry!!)
I’ll choose the winner randomly on Dec 25th 2013
- coldbodywarmheart

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#1. Okay, let’s begin.  I finally finished a book called Warm Bodies, and it was surprisingly better than I thought.  I am not into many zombie-themed things, mostly because they are all the same.  But this was a refreshing take on it.  There’s a movie too, so check out either!

Love this